Welcome to Snow Ballz

Snow Ballz is the Hottest new dessert since frozen yogurt!
We are Heating up rapidly
show no sign of Cooling Down!


There is something so pure about snow cones, so refreshing and authentic. Real ingredients, real flavours, real fun. For us snow cones are not just an icy treat. They are  sweet memories, a life style, a time of day, a place, a celebration, a treat. We truly love snow cones and it shows. 


Lets face it! There is nothing better than reliving your fond childhood memories and thats exactly what happens whenever you taste one of our Snow Cones.

I was 7 years old when I  went back to Guyana for a holiday and thats when I  tasted it! A Snow Cone!

As cold as the snow cone was it melted my heart.

Returning home to England I started to quickly miss my new favourite indulgence.

I turned and looked at my mum and said "Im going to open my own shop when i'm older".......and right there a dream was born.


We strive to create incredible tasting snow cones that not only taste great but are made with the finest ingredients for the whole family in mind.

Our customer service will be at its very highest ensuring that every snow cone purchased meets your highest expectations. We will not just settle as a snow cone brand. We are a way of life. 

*FREE shipping on all orders over £60 (UK mainland only)